Anthony Quinn is the CEO / Managing Director of QLC Logistics Consultancy.

Having been in the Logistics industry for over 37 years he was once described to his dismay as an “Industry Veteran”.  His career has always been in the forefront of the commercial aspect of Logistics / Freight Forwarding having held senior positions for a number of the largest global Logistics organisations. 

In addition, he has also worked for and owned small and medium Freight Forwarding operations boasting that he can drive a forklift, cut an AWB and has physically built aircraft pallets, delivered freight to the airport and loaded / unloaded Ocean Containers!

Anthony’s career has included Board Level, EVP, SVP, VP and Managing Director levels which over the years has equipped him with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and hands on experience serving many global and SME logistics customers.  He is now eager to share and utilise his experience to directly help and support 3PL Logistics Providers, companies that utilise the services of the Logistics Industry, and Logistics Professionals.

Anthony has always been, and is to this day driven by ‘making a difference’ and having some fun along the way.  He now looks forward to continuing to make a difference by establishing QLC Logistics Consultancy (QLC). 


QLC – “The missing piece to your Logistics Puzzle”