“QLC Information Day” – Is Live!!!!

“We are Live!!!” QLC is pleased to go live today with our monthly “Information Day” the 15th of every month. You now have the opportunity to gain monthly ongoing insight on Tradelanes, Volumes, Capacity, Industry Developments, Country Regional and Global business updates, focus groups and much much more. Over 800 Experts have been hand-picked from...
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Coming soon – Having information and insight is a key to success!

Coming soon from QLC Part of our service portfolio is to provide advice, guidance, and management support to the Logistics players both 3pls and customers alike. As we all know information is “king” to help plan strategy and direction or sometimes course corrections  along the way.  Staying informed regarding developments and obtaining early information on...
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“The Davids vs the Goliaths”

It was interesting to read this week that one of the major Logistics companies attributed success with their second quarter results to the fact they have been “grabbing market share from some of it’s smaller rivals as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak”! The company attributed their ability to maintain operations and connect with customers...
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“Create a stronger connection to your customers!!!”

Ask yourself; – Do you want better connectivity to your customers? – Do you want to gain greater customer loyalty? – Do you want that ‘edge’ against your competitors? – Do you want to create operational and productivity improvements? – Do you want to manage shipment documentation better? – Do you want to be easier...
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QLC Support “Pay in 30 Days” Campaign

QLC has signed up to support the “Pay in 30 Days” initiative designed to encourage and support the local economy by pledging to pay suppliers within 30 days. ‘Pay in 30 Days’ is a new initiative designed to help tackle late payment and has been launched by the Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce.  Late...
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