Log-hub Supply Chain Apps

QLC is an official Network Partner to Log-hub AG who have created and provide tools which enable organisations to visualise, predict, manage, and optimise their Supply Chains.

The dynamic suite of Apps empowers Supply Chain experts and organisations to extend and transform Excel with intelligent analytic functionalities to optimise Supply Chain performance and identify and realise cost savings.

Are you looking for AI based tools to save money, increase efficiencies and maximise your Supply Chain?  Advanced best in class visualisation and mapping tools will help you to identify reasons for inefficiencies and high related costs.  Our Apps extend Microsoft Excel with intelligent functionalities to optimise your Supply Chain performance and identify and realise cost savings.


Our Apps are in five categories. 

  • Geo Apps. Make your Supply Chain visible on interactive maps and dashboards.
  • Network Design Apps. Optimise your network design and find out the optimal number and locations for your distribution centres.
  • Transport Optimisation Apps. Optimise your pickup and delivery routes.
  • Predictive Analytics Apps. Forecast the demand of your customers based on ‘Machine Learning’ technology.
  • Warehouse Analytics Apps. Plan and optimise warehouse operations.


Our Apps allow you to create results in just a few seconds.  Each App has the same intuitive workflow.  Analyse and results can be created in just “4 simple steps”!

Step 1 – Generate a template.  Choose the data structure you need for the task

Step 2 – Start calculation.  Set the parameters and start the calculation process

Step 3 – Import results.  Import the results in your excel sheet

Step 4 – Analyse results.  See the results on our colourful maps and dashboards

Its as easy as that.  Each App has a step-by-step tutorial to help you make the most of your data analysis.

Sound good?  Why not transform your Excel into ‘Data Driven Innovation’ to optimise your Supply Chain now!




For more details see the PDF below.

QLC Log hub Presentation

Contact QLC for further details and the Licence options available and start transforming your Supply Chain now!