Logistics Customer Support

  • QLC are here to help, advise and work with customers who as part of their Supply Chain utilise the services of Logistics Providers.
  • Do you have the right Providers in place? Are there areas of negotiation that can help you obtain a better deal? Are you maximising the flows of your business to achieve greater synergies and reduce costs in your Supply Chain?
  • Network analysis and design is critical to help reduce costs, improve cash-to-cash cycles, provide better inventory control and visibility to ensure the right speed to market and increase your market share.
  • Assistance with identifying the right providers who have the capability to serve and meet your needs in key areas where new sourcing streams emerge.
  • Mode analysis: Are you using the right mode of transport for your logistical needs? Are there alternatives that can help reduce costs, control product flow whilst maintaining your delivery deadlines?  QLC can help.
  • QLC has a huge amount of experience in the Tender Process and can partner with you to create your tenders, evaluate responses and help with carrier negotiations and requirements.
  • Visibility and Digitalization are vital in the modern Supply Chain. QLC can review, analyse and work with you to identify the most effective systems to provide you, your suppliers and customers with the essential information and visibility needed to help plan sales and inventory levels.
  • Warehouse sourcing and design. QLC have access to warehouse providers and Contract Logistics experts that can assist you with your warehouse and inventory management and storage needs.

QLC – “The missing piece to your Logistics Puzzle”