Mergers & Acquisitions

  • QLC’s CEO / Managing Director has hands on experience within the 3PL Mergers and Acquisition process at Board Level. QLC are here to help advise and compliment your organisation in identifying potential acquisitions or business disposals.
  • QLC can, in the strictest of confidence, help to identify potential target acquisitions based on your organisation’s development and strategic plan. We, through our extensive network look to find potential companies where there is a mutual approach, synergies to your requirements creating an ideal fit.
  • QLC can make contact, hold initial proprietary discussions to ensure the compatibility and interest is there to enhance the next steps and hopefully final negotiations. Our level of involvement from sourcing, introductions, due diligence, brokering, negotiation and implementation can be agreed and is at our client’s discretion to meet with your support level requirements.
  • QLC can also assist you in the reverse process of disposal of part or whole businesses. As in acquisitions, QLC would look to find potential buyers where the asset being disposed of is a fit and brings value to both the buyer and seller.
  • QLC through our Logistics Provider Support services can also help work with you to rationalise if an acquisition or disposal is indeed the ideal path forward or is it that organic growth, a re-structuring can be the solution to achieve the additional element of business development and growth sought by our client?

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