QLC “Information Day”

 QLC – “Information Day”.

The 15th of every month starting August 2020 is now “QLC – Information Day”.

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QLC Logistics Day

We are very excited to be able to fulfil one of our key objectives in providing the Logistics Industry with up to date information, insight, data, and analysis relating the global logistics environment.

This relevant, up to date information assists the Logistics Provider, Logistics Customer and indeed anyone connected with the world of Logistics and Transportation by providing access to qualified insight, expectations, analysis, and professional knowledge sharing.

What sort of information is available?  As can be seen in the summary examples, there are a set of ‘reoccurring questions that provide market trends in relation to volume, service and capacity trends.  Other example topics are Transport Capacity situation (All modes: Air, Ocean, Road, Intermodal, Rail), Market volume, Business Development, General Business Climate etc.

In addition, there are ‘Focus Sections’ on such topics as the COVID-19 situation / impact, Technology and Innovation, BREXIT.  There is also the opportunity to suggest Focus Group topics which can then in future survey editions bring you the input from the Industry Experts.

How it works:  By utilising the latest machine-learning technologies including ‘Deep Learning and Predictive Analytics’ we, through TEP (Transportation Expert Panel) collate, analyse and publish a monthly ‘survey’ derived from the input of over 800 hand-picked specialist Industry Experts from over 106 countries whose experience spans all transport modes and geographies and who are ‘living and involved’ in the Industry day-to-day.  QLC is an ‘official Affiliate’ of TEP.

The survey is issued to our Experts the 5th of each month and captures ‘hot topics’ as well as the ongoing industry analysis.  The responses are then fed through our systems to create the next survey available to you on the 15th of the same month.

How do I access and get these monthly surveys?  The surveys are available via a very competitive subscription fee process via a link here on the QLC website and our social media postings.  The subscription fees are via a scale dependant on the information you want to see i.e. General information, 1 x trade lane, 3 x trade lanes, 5 x trade lanes, 10 x trade lanes, or the full complete survey.

How much does the subscription cost?  Below is confirmation of the subscription fees which are extremely  competitive for the ‘real life’ knowledge and information you have access to from over 750 industry experts!

What is the format:
The ‘Survey’ has a number of questions for which our Experts will respond.  All Experts remain anonymous and do not see the input from their fellow expert colleagues.  Our system then collects, analyses, and combines the answers to create an aggregated overview.  The reader can as a result drill down from the world perspective to the details via continent and country level.

“Example summary reports” of the survey are available via the link below.

Survey_1_May_2020_Summary_Report (1)

Survey_2_June_2020_Summary_Report (1)

How does this information benefit you?:  Information is key to our day-today business, understanding the development of trends, planning with real insight for development or in some cases contingencies, understanding the direction a market is heading, knowing what technology developments are rolling out in the industry, as examples can be critical to business growth, sustainability or even survival.  The ‘QLC – Information Day’ brings a huge amount of expertise and knowledge to your PC on the 15th of every month.

Remember, the 15th of every month is now “QLC – Information Day”!!